• texas isaiah is a visual narrator from brooklyn, ny. he currently resides in los angeles, san francisco, and oakland.

    his work explores gender, race, and sexuality by inviting the sitter to participate in the photographic process. the invitation constructs a space to begin and continue collaborative visual dialogues about legacy, self-empowerment, emotional justice, protection, and topophilia (the affective bond between people and place). texas isaiah is invested in the possibilities of what it can mean to be seen, loved, and cared for when you have your photograph taken.

    texas isaiah has exhibited numerous spaces including the hammer museum (los angeles), the kitchen (nyc), the studio museum in harlem (nyc), charlie james gallery (los angeles), slought foundation (philadelphia), and new space center for photography (portland).

    his work has been featured in the FADER, killens review of arts & letters, paper safe magazine, the photographic journal, and spook mag. texas isaiah's work has been featured on several catalogue and book covers: the 2017-2018 exhibition catalogue at the studio museum in harlem and fred moten's "stolen life (consent not to be a single being)." in 2017, texas isaiah was featured in TIME as one of the top '12 african american photographers you should follow right now'.

    clients: google, stink studios, mazine, and more.

    portfolio, bookings, workshops, or inquiries, please email:
    texasisaiah@gmail.com and just a firm reminder, i would prefer to be greeted and referred to as texas isaiah, not texas. thank you.