my name is my name iii

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    my name is my name iii for we buy gold  | 4.29.18 - 5.27.18 | 179 E. Broadway, NYC

    my name is my name iii is the third release of this series, specifically created for We Buy Gold 4, and incorporates photography and a system of celebration (altar) to highlight the multi-dimensional relationship between numerology, ceremonial rituals, elements of nature, dream etching, and protection through decorative portraiture. 

    this edition moves away from a space of mourning and grief (my name is my name i, 2016), and transforms into an intentional public space for recollection, solitude, and celebration. the photographic work for mnimniii creates a ceremonial healing system that offers a space to be in communion with myself. the altar’s purpose can possibly deliver some questions on how one can do so for themselves. what does it mean to practice mindfulness with yourself and others? how can one sustain this practice? is it something that we can regularly access in public? how do we navigate protection when we are creating portals of openness? these are some of the questions that i have been exploring within my own work. 

    with the inclusion of chiaroscuro as one of the major technical elements within my work, i aim to illustrate the spirituality that exists within light and shadow, and how it serves as mirror of protection. 


    dreams are a succession of images, reflections, ideas, and emotions that voluntaily and involuntarily  occur during different altitudes of sleep. dreamwork is a spiritual practice that involves the ability to collect and work through information about the past, present, or future.  i very much identify as a dream worker, and portions of this photograph and the altar in the We Buy Gold 4 has been a part of my recurring dreams in the past year. the 24 burned candles (on the altar) are out of 75-80 that have been intentionally burned during every new and full moon coarse throughout the last year. i've been at We Buy Gold 4, from wednesday - sunday from 12pm-2pm. since my altar is in the space, i have to spend at least an hour with it every day. during the opening of the show, i allowed five different people in my life, whom i cherish deeply, to pick a candle, write their intentions onto it, and ignite it. aside from me, they are the only ones who are allowed to light their own candles. the staff at the gallery is not allowed to interact with my altar. 

    the crystals in front of the candles in the photograph are a part of my altar in los angeles, ca and i frequently travel with them. from L-R: obsidian (protection stone that shields negativity), rose quartz (love, heart opening), blue calcite (used to activate dream work, and lessens the anxiety i may feel when i am dreaming. it also promotes relaxation and rest), amethyst (balancing crown + heart chakra) , and tourmaline (protection, grounding stone, connector of earth and spirit)

    NUMEROLOGY:  in relation to life path numerology, the numbers 4, 6, 7, and 11 are prominent throughout mnimn iii.  your life path number is an indication of your life purpose and also illustrates what challenges, tendencies, and obstacles will come into play throughout your life.

    4: is the current edition of We Buy Gold, and represents the pursuit of stability and security. four is the teacher and also known as “the master builder”.

    6: there are six roses in the framed photograph, six new candles in the front of the altar (in front of the 24 burned candles), six roses in the back row of the altar, six is my life path number, and also the numeral design of the burned* candles on his altar (24. 2+4=6). it represents the nurturer, visionary pursuits, and balanced responsblity. 

    7: serves as the number of candles placed within the photograph. the five burned candles to the right are a part of the 24* burned candles on the altar. the two new candles that are placed on the right (pink and red) are being ignited by me whenever i am in the space. the seeker represents self awareness, intuition, and openness. 

    11: is the numeral design for the opening of We Buy Gold 4 (4/29/18). (9+2=11). april 29th was also a scorpio full moon. eleven is a master number and is also known as the inspired healer. the mission for the inspired healer is to create a collective space that is healing for self and others. 


    RED: i've been dreaming of the color red for a while now. the first chakra is known as the root or base chakra, and is located at the base of the spine. this chakra is often represented as the cone of energy and provides the foundation on which we build our life. the different pieces of fabric have been installed in my space for the last month and a half, and there are two photographs of people i have shared this space with. andrew's photograph is placed in the left plant pot. and, rashadd's photograph is on the floor, to the left of the altar. i often think of portraiture as a way to collectively arrive back to self. i wanted to honor the space and time they shared with me. 

    GREEN: i've been drawn to a lot of plant life since i've been in california. i also wanted a soothing balance to the color red. green is known as the balance point of all the seven chakras, green represents the heart chakra. it incorporates energy of love and transformation. it allows the ability for you to reconstruct your ego and open up to love. 

    ELEMENTS OF NATURE: all the elements of nature are present within the altar. Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. 

    FLOWERS/PLANTS: for the altar, they rarely sell the plant in the framed photograph, so i had get two plants who are within the same family. when you witness the work in the gallery, you will see that the altar is surrounded by rose petals. roses represent boundaries with love, so i wanted to insert them within the altar and the photograph as a protective barrier for myself and my body. the white mums represent death and rebirth. one of the circulating ideas that i often think about is, what does it look like to lay flowers down at your own feet? what does it look like to celebrate yourself? 

    thank you. 

    texas isaiah