• Spook 5

    Spook: Issue 5 | ORDER HERE

    Harlem. Washington D.C. Los Angeles. Sacramento. Joshua Tree. Montgomery. North Charleston. Chicago. Portland. Ferguson and beyond. Take a journey through private and public America in the latest issue of SPOOK, a literary arts zine for alternative voices, emerging narratives, and noted storytellers.

    With words from: Angela Flournoy, Greg Tate, Ian F. Blair, Melvin Backman, Elise R. Peterson, Danez Smith and Alexis Okeowo.

    Images tracked by: King Texas, Patrick Melon, Intisar Abioto, Jen Everett, Naima Green and Danielle A. Scruggs.
  • Papersafe Issue #05: Turbulent Bodies/A Cross, A Wild Sea

    Papersafe Issue #05: Turbulent Bodies/A Cross, A Wild Sea September 2015
    Edited by Jaclyn Wright & Elle Perez

    8"x10", 92 pages, full color digital offset printing on 80# an 100# uncoated stock, softcover, perfect bound, edition of 75
    In an effort to celebrate diversity within the medium of photography – and to continue the conversation about the lack of and need for it – we chose to completely hand over our platform to two of our favorite photographers, Jaclyn Wright and Elle Perez. We gave Jaclyn and Elle 100% freedom and support to do whatever they would like with the issue. The result is two issues in one – a "split" with two front overs and two separate but equally important sections.
    Photographs and writing by:
    Hannah Whitaker
    Jessica Pierotti
    Roxana Azar
    Natalie Hegert
    Farah Al Qasimi
    King Texas
    David Alekhuogie
    Hunter-Savoy Jaffe
    Adeline Lulo
    Genesis Baez
    Ye Weon Mary Kim
    Paolo Morales

  • Harlem Postcards

    Harlem Postcards is an ongoing project that invites contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds to reflect on Harlem as a site of cultural activity, political vitality, visual stimuli, artistic contemplation and creative production. Representing intimate and dynamic perspectives of Harlem, the images reflect the idiosyncratic visions of contemporary artists from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. Each photograph has been reproduced as a limited edition postcard available free to visitors.

    This season, we are pleased to feature postcard images by Ellen Lesperance, Narcissister, King Texas and Demettrius Wright.

    Harlem Postcards is organized by Hallie Ringle, Senior Curatorial Assistant. The opening is on July 16th 2015
  • Kinship : Speak Their Names

    Kinship : Speak Their Names is the first product from this collaboration - a t-shirt that highlights the names of black cis and trans women, and WOC whose lives were taken by State and sexual violence.

    There has been a lack of discussion around the death of black women and trans* people within our communities. We are deeply devastated by the rate of violence inflicted against the trans* community. The community experiences unemployment at twice the rate of the general population, with rates for people of color up to four times the national unemployment rate. Transgender people are four times more lively to live in poverty. Ninety percent of trans* people report experiencing harassment, mistreatment, or discrimination on the job. The oppressive systematic structure prevent many Black trans* folks from obtaining education, healthcare, protection, and secure housing. We hope by creating this work, we can offer visibility to the ones who have passed before us and give back to the community. It is extremely important for us to say each and every one of their names.

    Profit from the sale of the "Speak Their Names" shirt will be donated to Trans Women of Color Collective and other organizations in NYC. You can pre-order a shirt below. First shirts will be mailed out in early August.